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    How to debug the same effect code playing differently?




      I have a peculiar problem with a Flex Effect that I am running through action script. The effect is a parallel move and resize effect which mimics the minimizing of a dialog on screen. There are two points of invocation of the effect –


      1.       Clicking on a minimize button on the dialog.

      2.       Clicks anywhere outside the dialog.


      Both of the above are wired to the same handler which runs the effect code. The weird part is that while the animation runs as expected in case 2, in case 1 the animation looks quite different.


      I have tried inspecting the effects target and source properties for both cases and there is no difference, yet the effect that plays in both cases is quite distinct.  The only theory I have is there is something different happening when the effect code is being invoked via an UI event happening on the dialog being animated versus when it is invoked from outside. But I don’t have anything to back this up yet.


      Does anyone have experience/ideas on what could be the cause of differences here? Let me know if you would like to look at the code.