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    DateValidator, Configuration error: Incorrect formatting string


      Hi guys,


      I am struggling with a DateValidator issue, I hope someone can help me


      Here is the parts of code needed to check what's wrong:


      public const DATE_FORMAT:String = "DD/MMMM/YYYY";
      <mx:DateFormatter id="dateFormatter" formatString="{DATE_FORMAT}" />
       id="firstDateValidator" inputFormat="{DATE_FORMAT}" required="true" 
      source="{firstDate}" property="text" />
      <mx:DateFiel id="firstDate" labelFunction="doLabel" />
      private function doLabel(item:Date):String
           return dateFormatter.format(item);

      I need to format and validate the following example: 13/January/2011


      When I use DATE_FORMAT = "DD/MM/YYYY", I have no problem to format and validate the Datefield, I have 13/01/2011.


      But when I use DATE_FORMAT = "DD/MMMM/YYYY", I have the following error message with the validator (the formatter is working well):

      Configuration error: Incorrect formatting string.


      Thank you very much for your help.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          The DateValidator class validates that a String, Date, or Object contains a proper date and matches a specified format. Users can enter a single digit or two digits for month, day, and year. So you can't have MMMM, as the DateValidator validates dates that have DD MM YYYY.


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            JabbyPandaUA Level 3

            Standard Flex validator out of the box is very fragile when it comes to validate "non-standard" date formats. You should extend this DateValidator with your own version like I do, that re-implements "format" function call and rewrites private function "validateFormatString" from the the scratch.


            Here is the my implementation of this function:



            private static function validateFormatString(validator : DateRangeValidator,
                                                                 separatorSign : String,
                                                                 formatPartsArray : Array,
                                                                 baseField : String) : ValidationResult {
                        var formatPartsValidationObject : Object = {dayValid : false,
                            monthValid : false,
                            yearValid : false};
                        var formatsLength : int = formatPartsArray.length; 
                        var mask:String;            
                        for (var i : int  = 0; i < formatsLength; i++) {
                            mask = formatPartsArray[i];                
                            switch (mask) {
                                case "M" :
                                case "MM" :
                                case "MMM" :                        
                                case "MMMM" :
                                    formatPartsValidationObject.monthValid = true;
                                case "YY" :
                                case "YYYY" :
                                    formatPartsValidationObject.yearValid = true;
                                case "D" :
                                case "DD" :                    
                                    formatPartsValidationObject.dayValid = true;                        
                        if (formatPartsValidationObject.monthValid && 
                            formatPartsValidationObject.dayValid &&
                            formatPartsValidationObject.yearValid) {
                            return null; // Passes format validation
                        } else {
                            return new ValidationResult(
                                true, baseField, "format",



            formatPartsArray is calculated as follows:  


            var formatPartsArray : Array = inputFormat.split("/");