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    Duplicate userID in P2P movie

    Mister MUX Level 2

      I am using the multiuser xtra to create a host movie. When a client connects using the same userID as another client that is already connected, the first user is disconnected. I want to block a duplicate userID form connecting but the odd thing is that the initial userID gets disconnected even before the WaitForNetConnection handler returns true or false for the second userID.


      When the connection request comes in I was expecting to be able to check if the userID was already in use, and if it was then deny the second connection. However like I said, the initial conneciton seems to get broken the instant another conneciton request with the same userID comes in.


      Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for this?

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          I am guessing that you are running your duplicate userID tests from one computer.  The Multiuser Server detects a second call with the same userID from the same IP address.  It assumes that the first connection somehow got dropped at the client's end, and that the same client is attempting to reconnect.  The logical behavior, in this case, is to let go of an apparently dead connection and to accept the new one.


          If you run the same test from two different computers with two different IP addresses, you should see a different behavior.  In this case, the Multiuser Server will see the same userID being submitted from two different locations.  The second user should not be allowed to usurp the connection of the first user.  The Multiuser Server will reject the request from the second IP address.


          Does this description correspond with your own experience?  Is this the way you expect the Multiuser Server to behave?

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            Mister MUX Level 2

            You are correct. I am testing all of this from the same computer, so your explanation makes sense.  In that case there is no need to include the code I was attempting to add. I was basically trying to code my program to work as you described. I did not realize it was behaving that way because the two peers were coming from the same IP.


            Thanks openspark.