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    Crash and Burn, AE CS5

    mike_morales Level 2

      Hey all,


      If anyone can help me out, i'd much appreciate it. My AE CS5 was working fine yesterday, now it won't open at all. It stops at 'Initializing MediaCore' on the splash screen, then gives the error 'Unable to obtain the User 'Language' registry key at: Software\adobe\AfterEffects\10.0.1\'


      I installed the full version (not trial) if that matters. My machine is:



      12GB mem

      Core i7 970 6-core cpu

      GTX 470 nvidia card


      Any ideas how to fix this??

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          From what I understand, hanging on Mediacore load can be caused by several things.  The most common appear to be firewall/ Quicktime conflicts.


          See this link from a similar post...




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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            As J-MS stated, there are a few things that can keep the MediaCore component from initializing.


            The reason that J-MS mentioned relates to a blockage of TCP communication between After Effects and some other components. The fix for this to remove the  blockage in communication. Sometimes the blockage is because of an  aggressive firewall program (Avast, Little Snitch, and Zone Alarm being the ones that I've seen do this), which sees the TCP communication and stops  it. If this is the case, then you can either turn the firewall software  off or specifically allow the components to communicate;  instructions for letting a specific process communicate are different  for each firewall program, so you'll have to look in the documentation  for your security software for information about doing that. Here's a  document with some more information about this general issue: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/857/cpsid_85711.html


            Another  reason is that QuickTime can fail to initialize fully because it gets  stuck loading a badly written importer component. If you have any AVI  importers/codecs on your Mac, this could be the issue. Here's a message  that goes into some detail about that: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2808379#2808379

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              mike_morales Level 2

              Thanks for taking the time to help out guys. I ended up shutting down my Anti-V (i'm using kaspersky, which has also given me problems with flash), and after effects now loads fine.  Kind of weird that one day i'm able to launch after effects without issue (even with my anti-v enabled), then the next day it won't launch. But it's working now! Thanks again!!