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    HTTPService POST sends header and body separately

      I'm having a performance issue with XML-RPC via the HTTPService component. The HTTPService.send() sends the request in two parts: first the headers, then the body. Evidently, the server get the headers, times out, sends an ACK, and then HTTPService sends the body, resulting in very poor performance. Here's the timeline, from the client's view:
      Time = 0.000000 - POST Partial Message Headers
      Time = 0.108784 - ACK for POST Partial Message Headers received (TCP ACK Packet)
      Time = 0.108824 - POST Completion of Message Headers + Message Body (contains XML-RPC method)
      Time = 0.110257 - Response received (containing XML-RPC methodResponse)
      Time = 0.359815 - ACK for Response (TCP ACK Packet)

      Yep, 108ms wasted waiting for an ACK for the headers!

      The question is, is there any way to cause the headers and body to be sent together? Otherwise, I'll have to look at using Sockets...

      Thanks, JohnB