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    box.fit(FitOptions.FRAME_TO_CONTENT) BUG



      I am making some indesign script for processing some indd files. The problem is that on some textFrames, the indesign server freezes when executes the box.fit(FitOptions.FRAME_TO_CONTENT) command, so I have to restart the indesign server to retry.

      Afer this I opened the indd file with normal Adobe Indesign CS4 and then I executed manually from Adobe Indesign the Fit to content command on the box, and also the Adobe Indesign CS4 6.0.6 client freezes and crashing with this report:

      szAppName : InDesign.exe     szAppVer :     szModName : hungapp    
      szModVer :     offset : 00000000   


      this seems to be a bug of indesign ?

      Any ideas?