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    CFC Generator "Locaton" field missing Browse Button


      Ok, after doing a lot of web searching I'm no closer to figuring this out. I have installed the CFC Generator extension inside of CFBuilder. When I right-click on a table in the RDS view the GUI comes up with the input fields. The "Location" field does NOT show a brows button. I've looked at the ide_config.xml file and can see that the input type is "projectdir" which should have the location mapping begin from the root of my existing CF project. Is it possible that the extension can't see the project / project location?



      Flashbuilder Pro with CFBuilder installed as a plugin - seems to work fine

      CF8 server - the web root for the server is actually located on a network share and not on the local drive for the server or in the Coldfusion8 directory

      Extension folders are located in the web-root of the CF server on the network shared drive

      My project is located in a sub-directory in the web root.


      If I manually enter the location (relative to how CF sees the project path and not my local mapping) the extension builder successfully generates the files.


      I guess in the big scheme of things this isn't a real big deal, but damned annoying. Can anyone of you CF gurus give me some direction on how to troubleshoot this issue (no browse button for input type "projectdir")? Additionally, I don't get a browse button for types "folder, file, projectdir, or projectfile".