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    Adobe Reader 9 or X opens when I try to print in Outlook




      When the user tries to print an attachment for Outlook using "File->Print->Print attached files. Attachments will print to the default printer only" from the Inbox view (not by opening the e-mail) the e-mail prints along with the attachment but Adobe Reader open.


      If I open the e-mail directly and print with the same option as above, Adobe Reader does not show up.


      Is there any way(s) to resolve this problem?


      The user needs to print a lot of e-mails with invoices and it would help if he does not have to always open and close every e-mails.


      One solution was to not close Adobe Reader as it would not open again in this case, leaving only one window but I would like to know if we could prevent the Adobe Reader to appear completely.


      This problem started to appear with Adobe Reader 9.X.X and above (I tested Adobe Reader X as well).


      The user needs to print files created with Adobe Reader 9 and this is why we updated the version.