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    ipp printers and secured printing

      Hi all:  My marketing department as subscribed to a service that provided  patient information brochures which we can print for our patients.  The service  provided the brochures in the form as PDFs.  However, when we go to print them,  we get an error saying we are not printing to a "secured printer".

      We are a Novell shop and utilitize iPrint for our network printing.  iPrint uses printer URLs beginning with "ipp://".  I have double-checked and secure printing is enabled on all our printers meaning that print jobs are sent via ssl using ports 443 or 631 (secured tls).

      This looks  to me to be a DRM issue where the PDF creator has either secured the file with a  do-no-print lock, or, more likely, acrobat will only print to networked printers via "https" and does not support the "ipp" protocol.
      Thanks, Chris.