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    OK Change of Spec i7 2600k Asus P8P67 M/B?

    J zon

      i7 2600k

      Asus P8P67 Evo 4x Sata 6gb/s, 4x Sata 3gb/s, 2x eSata,

      RAID, Firewire, 2x SPDIF, 7.1 Audio


      4x WD Carviar Black 1TB 64mb Sata 6gb/s 126mb/s<4.2ms

      7200pm all conneted to the 6gb/s sata ports


      1x WD Carviar Green 2TB 64mb connected to the 3gb/s sata port


      1x LG BH10LS30 BR Rewriter connected to the 3gb/s sata port


      Asus Geforce GTX470


      Corsair Dominator 4x4GB DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz


      CM Storm Sniper Black


      Corsair H50 Cooler


      1000w PS


      I must point out that this is a Build for CS5 using AVCHD for a hoddy

      not Professional.

      Videos of my kids parties, holidays and maybe the odd wedding.

      I'm not after the fastest PC just one that will do the job well Speed is not as importent as Reliability.


      Thanks Jason.