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    SOAP Responce cannot be decoded after during a long web service exection


      I have an AIR application.


      I am using the spark web service and i have set up a fualt handler and set the requestTimeout to 0.


      I call an opertaion that calls a .Net web service.


      Inside that .Net web service i run a very heafty SQL using ADO and then i take the results from the SQL statment and I use those results to make an excel spreadseeht and saved on the machine running the webservice.


      This web service ran by itself can easily take up to two minutes to run (which is very acceptable given the nature of the query), and I would like the AIR application to just continue to sit there and wait for it to complete (also acceptable).


      Even with the request timeout set 0 i receive a "SOAP Responce cannot be decoded" fault from the webservice before the web service is even done running.  Why is this happening?


      I've run several debuggers to make sure the info to the .Net web service is correct, I've stepped through the entire web service piece by piece and no exceptions are thrown during its execution.  It just takes a long time to perform and the fault occurs right in the middle of the execution of web service.


      I've also had this happen when i'm debugging some of my other web serivces.  If a breakpoint is hit in visual studio in my webservice and i do my thing and step through stuff blah blah blah standard debugging stuff, the same thing will happen a fault will be hit before the webservice is done executing.


      Please help.