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    how to created a voting list in Flash Catalyst

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      What I'm trying to accomplish is for a user to select an item in a list by checking a radio button then with that one item selected click a "vote" button and then have that vote recorded. Is this possible?


      what I have created so far is a Datalist with 46 items. The repeated item consists of a radio button, a small image and the name of the item. What I'd like to happen is for the use to select the item by clicking the radio button and then being able to click the Vote button and have their vote recorded. What happens now, is that I can select multiple items which i don't want, and I can't figure out how to record what's been selected with the "vote" button. What am I missing? Thanks in advanced.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately placing the radio buttons in a data list might visually get the effect you are going for, but the radio buttons will not know they are apart of a group of radio buttons. Hence why you can have multiple selections.


          Here is an outline of what to do: Remove the datalist since you will not use it. Then place 46 radio buttons (i feel your pain) on the art board. You might need to adjust the size of the artboard to handle that many. Then select all of the radio buttons and turn them into a scroll panel by using the Modify > Convert Artwork to Component > Scroll Panel. You can then adjust the scrollable region, attach the needed scroll bar. And last, remove the "Add More Content Here" text that is automatically appended to the scrolling list. You might try building a smaller scroll panel to learn how it works first before tackling the big one.


          If you are going to actually collect this data, you will have use Flash Builder to add the ActionScript to transfer the vote to a server. If you are going that route, you might want to talk to your developer about dynamically creating this radio button array. It might be smarter in the long run.



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            jblay-design Level 1

            Thanks Chris!

            Yeah, I have a couple of developers that will add in the action script. I just wasn't sure if I was on the right path of setting up the voting box. I will give your suggestion a shot. thanks for the quick response! I'll try and post up if it works or not.

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              Hey Chris!

              I hope you get this! Well, I got the voting list set up and that's working. And we are adding in the scripts to capture the data in Flash Builder. But we've run into a problem. When we try to build the project as an AIR application it's hanging and won't finish. Now, in order to complete the project in Catalyst, I had to make a bunch of the images links. That's what is seeming to be the problem in Flash Builder. When we check the box to include the "Assets" it hangs. When we uncheck that box it runs and makes the application. Problem then is, most of the graphics are missing. What are we missing? Any fix to this? Please, please help! We need this done by Thursday and we weren't anticipating these problems.