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    Catching errors in forms




      We've got a form that we run as part of a process.  I have error handlers built into the process to catch errors, but some don't get caught, which could easily wind up with incomplete or incorrect reports being sent to our customers.



      1. Our form shows logos images which a got from a path supplied in the XML.  At the moment if the logo does not exist then the logo is left out and no error is raised.
      2. We have various javascript in our form.  All javascript is wrapped in a standard error handler that will display the message on the screen when running in LiveCycle Designer, but when we run it as part of the process, it just carries on as if there is no error.


      I would guess that the solution to the 2nd example would probably be some kind of javascript call I could make which would force the report to abort, but I don't know what that could be.  For the logos I have no idea what I could do.


      Does anybody have any suggestions?