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    Powerful swf encryption tools


      Hey guys, I have just developed a flash encryption and analyze tool.


      My product page is here:



      We provide free trails, so if you have some swf files need to be encrypted, take a look at this. Thank you ~~


      Some awesome features:

      Command line and Gui tools


      We provide both command line and gui tools.

      For large projects, which might be built and released with continous integration tools or scripts, command line tools wil be easily integrated into your existing process, and providing a transparent encryption feature;

      For small projects, which might be only one swf file and built with IDE commands, GUI tools will provide a friendly interface to encrypt and analyze your swf files.


      Multi file obfuscating


      Some large projects consist of several seperate swf files, which reference classes in each other file.

      A lot of swf encryptors will break the references and make the project not work.

      Swfspy™ will automatically resolve the references and avoid renaming such symbols




      Some times, your project is very complicated that our tools cannot encrypt your project properly.

      You can easly configure Swfspy™ to avoid injecting code, renaming some packages, classes or methods.

      We provide command line options, gui options and flash as3 metadata options to flexably control the behaviour of Swfspy™.


      Some analysis features


      We provide both command line tools and gui tools to analyze swf files:

      For command line tools, we provide the "-s" option, which means "interactive shell";

      For gui tools, we provide the analysis panel.

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          wzhjs Level 1

          Ok, it's me again, we have just release the new version 1.6.0 with some new features:


          getDefinitionByName and PushString detection

          Nowadays, more and more application use reflection features to optimize the architecture. Swfspy™ now support automatically detect invocation of the getDefinitionByName as well as the PushString instrument.


          Save and Load Configuration

          We added a save-and-load feature of obfuscating options, that will ease your encryption.


          Performance improvement and bug fixes

          We have made Swfspy™ 500% faster than previous releases, and fixed some bugs.


          as well as a screenshot:




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            Hi.    Tried you product and didn't get very far.    I have 2 DoAbc tags.    I do have a Flex 4 project based on mxmls.   Does that mean I'm out of luck?     My Flex application uses modules.    It's not a very large application and it doesn't really do any fancy stuff yet I'm 0 for 4 with obfuscators  (dcomsoft, irrFuscator, kindisoft, and orandea).     All 4 of these obfuscators either fail trying to obfuscate or they produce an obfuscated SWF that doesn't work.     This is even after trying to tweak various settings (e.g  renaming).  I'm new to the world of SWF obfuscation.    It's not a happy place.    Anyway, I used Flash Builder 4 and created a release build of my app.       Still looking for a SWF obfuscator that  1)  Works and 2) Is relatively easy to use.     Thanks.

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              wzhjs Level 1

              thank you for your attention.


              well, the feature of multi doabc tags obfuscating is not available currently.


              we are planing to add this feature in the next major release of swfspy, and it should be released within about one month.


              best wishes.


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