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    Customizing header and footers

    cwak81 Level 1

      I tried everything I could think of and I'm so close to getting this to work but missing one small piece.  I created a customer pop-up within a form that sets up the header and footer.  It works fine of the header and footer piece is within the form but I have my header and footer on the master page.  I have everything working from having the pop-up come up, make the selection and click ok and the pop-up goes away.  The only issue is nothing shows up in the header and footer once the okay button is clicked.  Here's how I have the script set up...


      form.subForm_p1.PopupTool.Button:click - (JavaScript, client)

           var header = "";

           var rl = form.subForm_p1.PopupTool.RadioList.rawValue;


           if (rl == 1) {

                header = "title one";


           if (rl == 2) {

                header = "title two";


           if (rl == 3) {

                header = "title three";


           if (rl == 4) {

                header = "title four";



           xfa.resolveNode("masterPages.Page1.topTitle").rawValue = header;

           xfa.resolveNode("masterPages.Page1.bottomTitle").rawValue = header;


      This is what I have and everything seems to work okay except for nothing shows up.  Any help on this would be greatly