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    Premiere CS 5.0.3 problem export to tape via firewire

    radiotest Level 1



      My problem is that i can't able to export a sequence into a tape dv by firewire

      I use premiere cs5.0.3, matrox rtx2hd, win 7 and a sony hvr-M15J

      I've not problem to IMPORT tape from a matrox sequence neither from a premiere sequence but I CAN'T export to tape (i use firewire connecting my hvr-15j to matrox rtx2)

      My workflow

      I create a premiere sequence, the device control is online, in sequence setting>Playback setting i set DV 25i (720 x 576) but  when i start to export to tape my sony hvr start to rec, timecode going on but it's all black and no audio

      i try different setting in playback setting but nothing change, what's the problem?

      Device control is online but maybe i have to change setting ofsony  hvr-M15j ? The strange thing is that I've not problem to import dv tape

      please help me