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    64-Bit Windows 7 & Postscript I Fonts


      Hello.  New machine.  64-bit Win7 with CS5 installed.  Attempting to install some older PS 1 fonts. 

      Have all necessary elements of each set (both PFM/PFB).


      Get 'does not appear to be a valid font' error when attempting to install via Windows7.  I am the 'administrator' of the machine.


      I have also copied entire folders into ID5 fonts folder as well (Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe InDesign CS5/ Fonts)


      Still nothing.




      Any assistance or insight/next steps would be appreciated.



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Exactly how are you attempting to install your PS 1 fonts (we assume you mean Type 1 fonts)?


          For Windows 7 and Type 1 fonts, you should right-click on the .PFM file and use the Install option.


               - Dov

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            petergraber Level 1



            Yes, they are Type I fonts.


            And yes, when I say 'install,'  I mean 'Right Clck on the .PFM file and use  the 'Install' option.


            I then receive the error from Windows.


            Still searching for a solution.  Any other ideas to try would  be great...



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              petergraber Level 1

              Also - for further info - they are all Font Folio 9 files

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                I am also running WIndows 7 64-bit and cannot reproduce the problem with Type 1 fonts with Font Folio 9.


                Have you installed any third party Font Manager?


                Have you attempted in any way to install Adobe Type Manager (not supported beyond WIndows XP 32-bit)?


                Was the system an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows?


                          - Dov

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                  petergraber Level 1



                  I fixed it.   Here was the problem:   I was using VNC to copy-and-paste between two machines.  Everything looked fine, but it wasn't.


                  I zipped and emailed a set to myself and it worked flawlessly.

                  I really appreciate your feedback and insight into this issue.  Adobe's support in my upgrade has been great, frankly.



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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    Glad to know you are up and going. I never dispute reported symptoms because we learn something new every day from our customers' experiences! 


                              - Dov

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                      Jean James

                      Hello. I wonder if you can help me please. I have had CS2 for quite some time. However, I have not had it loaded on my machine since the last crash a few years ago, after which I updated to Windows XP.


                      Yesterday, I upgrated to Windows 7 64 bit. The Technician was able to reinstall CS2 with no problem.


                      I have Adobe Type Manager Delux 4.1  If I load it, will it cause any problems do you think, or will it just work like it did previously?


                      Can you help me at all please? I am an amateur with CS

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                        Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                        ATM (Adobe Type Manager) is not compatible with any 64-bit version of Windows, any version of Windows Vista, or any version of Windows 7.


                        Don't even attempt to install it. The damage may require a complete reinstallation of the operating system.


                        Note that CS2 (3 revisions ago) was not officially supported by Adobe on any 64-bit version of Windows nor on any version of Windows beyond Windows XP. You install it and use it on Windows 7 64-bit totally at your own risk. Considering the value of lost time, data, etc., you may wish to consider upgrading to CS5.


                                  - Dov

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                          Jean James Level 1

                          Thank you so much for that.


                          The CS2 is already installed on my system. I understand that CS5 is on sale until April 7. Upgrading from CS2 Premium Academic version to regular CS5 Standard versionis $499 until April 7.


                          Is that correct?


                          If so, what do I have to do to get that price on a boxed set.


                          Do I have to uninstall the CS2 before installing the CS5 upgade please?


                          Also, what do I use as a type manager please?



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                            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                            Sorry, but you will need to contact Adobe Customer Support to find out information about an upgrade from a CS2 academic version to a CS5 commercial version; I don't have the pricing for that.


                            I would personally advise you to fully uninstall CS2, clear all temp files, and reboot before attempting the CS5 install.


                            There are a number of third party font management products, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Note that InDesign 7 (CS5) has the concept of a "Document Fonts" subdirectory that allows you to have a private, overriding font directory - totally independent of what Windows "knows about" - for each InDesign document. This feature may be good enough to allow you to bypass licensing a font manager. Note that once you use one of these font managers, you need to keep them in synchronization with Adobe's applications. They typically need to be updated every time Adobe has a new software release.


                            - Dov

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                              Jean James Level 1

                              You've been great! Thank you so much. I do appreciate it.



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                                Jean James Level 1

                                Hi Dov. Sorry to bother you again.


                                I decided to buy CS5 Premium and it is on its way.


                                Meanwhile, as I mentioned, the technician had already reloaded my CS3 Premium into my

                                Windows 7 64 bit.  I don't think it actually is functioning properly anyway.


                                However, I need to uninstall it, and I can see how to uninstall the different CS2 programmes, but my question is that I can see all the different CS2 programmes to uninstall with no problem, but I am wondering if I should also unload the Camera Raw that I see in my "documents folder" or if that should stay. Maybe it is my profile for my camera or something. It was not loaded recently. It goes back to a few years ago when I was doing photography. Does it need to be there for when I upload photos from my camera?


                                Also, I see the following items and I don't know if they are part of the CS2 or not, or if they are just part of what I need for my computer:


                                Acrobat Distiller 7.0

                                Acrobat    7.0 Professional

                                Adobe Bridge (I didn't think that was part of CS2) When I open it, it shows all kinds of my programmes in there that would have nothing to do with publishing)

                                Adobe Designer 7


                                I also have Adbobe Reader X, but I downloaded that myself, and know it should be there and is not dependent upon CS2 for anything.


                                However, do I remove the above four or do I need them for my Office 2007 Professional and the rest of my programmes?


                                Could you tell me please? I don't want to uninstall them if they did not load with CS2.  


                                I understand that Camera Raw is included with CS5 and also The Bridge is included.



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                                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                  You have a number of questions here. I'll try to answer them as best as possible.


                                  (1)     Do not uninstall any data files or directories associated with data files generated by Adobe applications. They may be necessary or desirable when you load your new software.


                                  (2)     Given the fundamental incompatibility of CS2 with Windows 7 64-bit, I would most strongly recommend uninstalling all CS2 programs from your system prior to installing any CS5. That includes all the Acrobat 7 Pro software (which is documented as highly incompatible with Windows 7 64-bit) including Distiller and Designer. Uninstalling Acrobat 7 Pro should simultaneously uninstall Distiller and Designer. Adobe Bridge was installed by CS2. Uninstalling all CS2 will uninstall Adobe Bridge.


                                  (4)     Uninstall Adobe Reader X.


                                  (5)     Reboot.


                                  (6)     When you install CS5 Design Premium, it will install Acrobat 9 Pro. Do not attempt install Reader X. You don't need it if you have Acrobat 9 Pro.


                                            - Dov

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                                    Jean James Level 1

                                    Excellent. Thanks. So uninstall everything I mentioned, including the Adobe Reader X and leave only the Camera Raw file that is in my documents file.

                                    That's right?


                                    Then reboot. Then install CS5?


                                    Then install the CS5, which will look after all my Adobe and Acrobat stuff for me?


                                    Have I got it straight?



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                                      Jean James Level 1

                                      Dov. Sorry to be a nuisance. I uninstalled everything that referred to Adobe except for two items. I just want to make sure that I should      remove them too before I install CS5 Premiere. One of them seems to be a security update for Adobe.


                                      I would appreciate your confirmation that I am ok to uninstall ADOBE AIR and ADOBE SVG VIEWER 3



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                                        Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                        You can safely leave those installed. The Adobe AIR component will be updated when you install CS5.


                                                  - Dov

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                                          Jean James Level 1

                                          Thank you very much for all your help.



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                                            Jean James Level 1

                                            Hi Dov


                                            I had a bit of a problem with my computer supplier. I wanted to upgrade to a faster computer, mainly because I want to get into the Adobe Suite, but also because I may want to do some graphics digitizing for embroidery.


                                            I checked around at some of the big stores and decided that I needed a 6 core, 1 Tb motherboard and 8 Gb RAM.


                                            I don't know quite how he did it but he sold me a dual core, 3.3 mhz 1 TB motherboard and 4 Gb RAM but installed Windows 7 64 bit. He explained that this would be as much as I would need, Adobe or no Adobe, and that the 64 bit would make it faster, along with the dual core, compared with what I had before, which was a 7 year old system. It is marginally faster, but whatever programme I click on (such as Outlook or System Mechanic), they take a long time to open. Once open, everything is pretty fast, but the opening of the programmes is slow.


                                            He tried to blame my anti-virus and internet speed, but lost the argument when I told him that I had complained about the speed when testing it in his shop and that I have not added any other anti-virus, other than the one he installed.


                                            There is a digitizer programme for embroidery that I am interested in that requires 1.5 Mz processing and 3 Gb RAM. Adobe requires 1 GB RAM. It is possible that I may have them both open at the same time, along with Internet Explorer and Outlook, together with my anti-virus running in the background.


                                            He is now offering to upgrade me (for a price) to a quad core Pentium with 3.3 mhz, 1 Tb. Hard drive and either 8 or 16 Gb RAM. I only bought the first system three weeks ago, and it really is not what I had originally asked for. At least I can do a trade, but I wondered if you could give me an opinion about whether or not a PENTIUM quad core with 3.3 mhz, 1 Tb hard drive and 8 Gb RAM would be enough. I shoot RAW photography, and wanted to learn to use Illustrator and combine the two to make designs. After that, I would either be printing them, or I might be digitizing them with the software for the embroidery. The software can digitize photographs without colour scaling every single pixel. It has some intelligence in it that enables it to grade the colours sufficiently for embroidery, so that it retains the look of a photograph but does not try to use every shade and colour under the sun that might appear in a photograph, thereby making a mess of the embroidery itself.


                                            So do you think the above would be good enough. Someone at Best Buy told me that Pentiums are slow.


                                            Would you mind offering your opinion please?



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                                              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                              I don't necessarily believe that you need a 6-core processor at all unless you have some very, very, very extreme processing requirements, but for Windows 7 64-bit, 4GB of RAM is really insufficient regardless of what some may say. Many of us who have used Windows 7 64-bit (or even Vista 64-bit) believe from our own experience that 6GB of RAM is really the minimal requirement for satisfactory performance with 8GB a more reasonable amount.


                                              The Pentium quad core being offered to you is a very old design which would have been appropriate four years ago or more! The processor speed itself for those processors is misleading. The newer designs with more parallelism perform much better at lower speeds!


                                              Also, in terms of hard drives, I would make sure that you are getting a 7200 rpm drive (or better). That will make a tremendous difference in performance.


                                              Quite frankly, I wouldn't trust your supplier. He appears to be trying to unload junk on you and is either ignorant, deceitful, or both. By the way, I'd also be very careful about getting advice or buying computers from places such as the one you mentioned.


                                                        - Dov

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                                                Jean James Level 1

                                                Thanks, Dov. What would you recommend besides Pentium? Do you think that 16 GB would be too much, by the way?

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                                                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                  From what you describe, 16GB may be a bit "over the top" ...


                                                  See also my edited comments above in terms of disk drive.


                                                            - Dov

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                                                    Jean James Level 1

                                                    Thank you very much, Dov. He keeps pushing the Pentium. I am wondering if it could be that some retailers can only supply Pentium or something?


                                                    He makes up computers in his shop, putting his own brand name on the casing. He has always treated me pretty well, but always sold me a system LESS than what I ask for, telling me I don't need this and I don't need that. I hate buying something and then later finding out it does not have the capacity to meet my needs. I would sooner go all out in one shot. It is a 1 hour drive each way to his shop and I have always trusted him. If I have to leave the machine for a day or so, then I have four hours of driving, downtime, and then it takes about a week to reload things and reset the parameters, etc. It really is a bit of a pain in the neck.


                                                    However, you have helped me a lot with this. I will work something out with him and then perhaps just buy from Best Buy or Future Shop in the future.


                                                    I cut and pasted your comments about what I would probably require, and sent them to him. We'll see what he comes back with. If it gets too difficult, maybe I will have to buy a second computer. He is asking $280 to upgrade me to a 4 core from a dual core, and from 4 gb to 8 gb RAM


                                                    I don't know if that is reasonable or not.



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                                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                      Your supplier apparently cannot get reasonable enough prices on current gear to be competitive and thus seems to try pawning off old gear that he can get at steep discounts onto you. He doesn't seem at all honest and trustworthy. The more you deal with him, the worse it seems to get. Cut your losses ASAP!


                                                                - Dov

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                                                        Jean James Level 1

                                                        Thanks. The only thing is that I get Windows 7 ultimate and Office 2007 included in the deal as part of a licensing arrangement with my employer. So that has value too.


                                                        Thanks for enlightening me. Is there a particular brand that is good?

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                                                          Stop misleading people. There are problems with Postscript fonts when they are supplied as afm/pfb


                                                          You should have known that. And you do.


                                                          People can't install these fonts as they lack PFM files that can be generated in WINXP

                                                          and no longer in Win7.

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                                                            Hi Dov,  I have an old Adobe Type Basics Fonts CD that, as you know, isn't compatible with my Windows 7 machine.  A new assignment has me wanting to go back and install some of those fonts.  I don't have access to my old Windows XP machine any longer.  Any suggestions on how to recover the key missing files (PFM?) to complete an install?



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                                                              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                              Neither I nor Adobe are misleading anybody about Type 1 font support in Windows 7. Nowhere did we claim that you can install same without having both the PFB and PFM files. All Type 1 fonts licensed by Adobe in the last ten (or possibly more) years have included the PFB and PFM files. The issue is any Type 1 fonts licensed prior to that timeframe from Adobe or fonts acquired/licensed from other sources that either in the past or currently do not provide both the PFB and PFM files for each typeface.

                                                                         - Dov

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                                                                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                                One solution would be to access file backups that you may still have from that system. Adobe hasn't licensed the Type 1 format Type Basics package in many years and it was never updated to provide the .PFM files. (Adobe Type Manager had the capability of creating .PFM files from a combination of the .AFM and .INF files that were supplied with the .PFB files.)


                                                                If you contact me privately with a list of the fonts you need the .PFM files for, I could try to assist you off-forum.


                                                                          - Dov