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    Help with 3 way color correction on this clip

    rowby Level 1



      I have two clips that I need to color correct.  Please see attached.  I want to brighten up the clip on the BOTTOM to more match the clip on the TOP


      The cinematographer has given me these instructions:

      " Specially the third clip with the two foxes ) shots are dark compared to the second  time the foxes are shown. You will have to apply a color correction  filter on them and work with the midtone and the light sliders so you  can make it a bit brighter.  Also you will probably need to bring the  balcks down a bit once you pushed the midtones, you will have to see  what it looks like once you are correcting."


      I haven't done much color correcting, but the above seems pretty basic.  So any suggestions you have will be appreciated.