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    A few catalyst questions.. PLEASE HELP


      I am new to the program and love it so far. I am stumped on a few things though... ANY help would be fantastic!


      1. How do you make ONLY the background fit to the window? I have tried referring to the other forums on relative and constraining layers, however I was unable to make just the background image expand to fit the window size.


      2. My action sequence (5 pictures fading in and out) will not loop, even after going into Builder 4 and tweaking the code. I want to do it the "right way" via builder, so can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.. Please refer to my previous discussion from yesterday for more details!


      3. Is there an easy way to create a simple twitter feed using catalyst/builder?? I looked through the forums and found nothing on just a simple twitter feed. I did find a few that showed how to create a detailed twitter search and scrolling feed but that was WAY more than I am looking to create..


      4. Is there anyway to change the look of the "loading bar".. the image that pops up when the site is loading!? I would like to design something to take its place!


      Again, I am new to this so pardon my lack of knowledge...