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    Good Default Video Format?


      I am relatively new to Premier Elements (and video editing for that matter), so I am a bit of a newbie.  I have various video files from different cameras, cell phones etc.  Most of my videos are from my Sony HDR-CX500 (using "avc hd 16m") which provides a MTS file when importing onto my hard drive.  I think (correct me if I am wrong) it would be easier to convert these to a format that is more compatible with Premier Pro.  So, what is a good default video format?  There are so many options with the Adobe Media Encoder.  Eventually, I will likely make mini movies for DVD and/or Bluray disc.


      The default for media encoder seems to be F4V.  Would this be best?  MPEG4?  MPEG2 Bluray? DVD? Standard?


      There are so many options it is a bit overwhelming!