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    How can I modify a document attached to an Acrobat document?



      I tried searching for this but anything with the word "attachment" in it really only brings up attaching PDFs to emails and that's not what I'm looking for.


      I submit PDFs to editors, proofreaders, and translators for correcting. There's usually a list of people that need to see it in a specific order so once the PDF is made I open it in Acrobat, enable the commenting for Reader users, then attach a routing sheet to the PDF that lists all the parties that need to see it and in which order.


      So far so good.


      The routing sheet is also an approval form that needs to be filled out. The intent is to have people open the attachment through the PDF, type in the date they reviewed/approved the document, save and close the attachment, then forward it to the next person on the list.


      I tested the process, was able to successfully open the attachment by selecting it in the attachment panel and clicking the "open" icon, type in some text, save and close it, then when I was ready to demonstrate the process it didn't work.

      I have not been able to replicate that initial success no matter what I try.


      So my questions are:

      Was that a fluke that shouldn't have worked in the first place?


      Did I only do it correctly that first time?


      What am I doing wrong now?

      but also

      Is there a suggestion that would make more sense?