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    capture hdv


      Trying capture in hdv mode but  when opening the capture box, device is off line,

      if I change to DV it will work

      any clue about this



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Most likely the camera is set to output DV, not HDV.  Either you recorded in DV mode, or the camera is downconverting it.


          Look to the camera settings on this one.  Make sure the camera is disconnected from the computer before you change any settings.

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            What camera are you using? I had this issue right after upgrading to Win7x64 with my XHA1 and discovered that switching my firewire drivers from the new ones to the "legacy" drivers fixed the problem (and many other problems!) To do that, go to your device manager (accessible through your Control Panel) and switch drivers on your firewire devices.

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              lelles Level 1


              I use Sony HVR 15 cassette recorder and all controls are correct

              But in the AP device control setting dialog box I tried to change settings.

              I find out if I changed device brand to generic, it worked, so now it ok again