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    Editing dropdown hotspot content


      We need to make extensive edits to our content, most of which is in drop-down hotspots.  Each topic within the project has lots of drop-down hotspots, and often several layers of hotspots nested within other hotspots.  Whether or not this was the best way to design the topics, it was done way back before my time and now we have to live with it. When you open the dropdown hotspot for editing, RH opens a small popup window, which you then have to resize. Is there a way to control the size of the popup when it opens, so that it always opens to maximum size?


      I've tried opening the topics in other HTML editors, trying to find something that would display all the content at once, but haven't had any luck so far.  Anyone have any ideas that would help?



      When you have nested drop-down hotspots you have to open, resize and rearrange each popup, so you wind up with layers windows within windows.  It's a nightmare for editing, so let that be a lesson for anyone considering setting up their Help this way. :-)