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    List renderer

      I know it's possible and easy to override an ItemRenderer in the MXML, but is it possible to override the List Renderer itself ?

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          kcell Level 2

          yes, you can do everything, but the more interesting question is why and how much time do you like to invest?

          ListBase is a public class and you can inherit your own ListClass from it (in Actionscript 3 ), but I guess it will cost some time (the Listbase class has round 8000 lines of code in flex sdk version 3)


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            Encom79 Level 1
            So If I understand, it is possible in actionscript by overriding some methods but NOT in MXML.
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              kcell Level 2
              yes, MXML is a XML-based markup language and Actionscript is a object-oriented programming language which handles user interactions with the application and so on.

              I would suggest MXML for rapid development and layouting and actionscript for everything else (example: new components etc. )

              If someone wrote a new list control, just use it with MXML. If you like to overwrite some basic behaviours, make a new class which extends the list control and overwrite the functions you like to change. Thats it.