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    help with displaying math.random() script


      ok after some help on another thread i managed to get this script

      var r_text = new Array ();
      r_text[0] = "All the leaves are brown";
      r_text[1] = "And the sky is grey";
      r_text[2] = "I've been for a walk";
      r_text[3] = "On a winter's day";
      r_text[4] = "I'd be safe and warm";
      r_text[5] = "If I was in L.A.";
      r_text[6] = "California dreaming, On such a winter's day";
      var i = Math.floor(7*Math.random())




      which will work on web pages when refreshed but i need this to work when a set button is pressed and displayed in a text field in my pdf

      i am a total noob with javascript only just started learning it today so as much help as pos will be very good thanks in advance