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    All tied in knots now


      OK, so I tried installing the FB4 Eclipse plugin.


      Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, Eclipse Helios, Java versions out of the wazoo (frankly I don't recall and it's not that easy to figure out). Up to now I've mostly used Eclipse for PHP, so I'm not that much up to speed with the Java stuff.


      Anyway, got the message "'Creating Adobe Flash Player trust file...' has encountered a problem." Google says it is because I have a 64-bit Java runtime? Really?


      If I have multiple run-times installed, can I point the Adobe Flash Player to the 32-bit, or do I have to run the *entire* Eclipse IDE in 32-bit?


      Is there ever going to be a patch in the realistic near future. or should I just give this up and run the Flash Builder stand-alone?