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    PrE9 - Dvd scene buttons not saving image (from MPG)


      Hi All,


      New user to PrE9, I've used Premiere 6 pretty extensively in the past and just bought PrE9.


      Using PrE9 on Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).  All latests drivers/patches/etc. are installed.


      I've tried creating a Dvd made up of some videos I have laying around (generated using Premiere 6), mostly MPG.  When I'm in preview mode and I set the in-point for the scene button it works as expected; well, most of the time.


      After I burn the Dvd (or use one of the other sharing methods) a couple of the scene buttons are blank/black.  I've tried a number of templates including Comicbook and Road Trip with the same results.


      I see there are a couple other threads with similar issues, but I don't see any resolution.  Has anyone gotten this fixed or working consistently?


      It's really annoying to have everything work then end up burning a coaster.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          By "Premiere 6," do you mean the precursor to Premiere Pro, which ended with 6.5/7.0, or do you mean an earlier version of PrElements"


          Now, there definitely ARE some threads on misbehavior with the DVD Templates in PrE 9, but most of those have to do with the "Background" images not taking, or not taking for either the Main, or the Scene Selection Menus. Though these issues could be related, so far, yours is the first incident of Motion Thumbnails not displaying, that I recall.


          First, a question: what brand of blank DVD did you burn to?


          Now a test. From PrE, choose Burn to Folder. This creates the VIDEO_TS folder (and IFO, BUP and VOB files), where you direct the program. Next, Open that VIDEO_TS folder in a DVD software player on your computer. I use either CyberLink's PowerDVD, or the free MediaPlayer Classic HC. How do the thumbnails display from the VIDEO_TS folder?


          Please report and good luck,



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            DCreeron Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            Thanks for the quick response.


            Yes, Premiere 6.x, the precursor to Premiere Pro.


            My burns so far have been using Memorex Lightscribe DVD+R discs.


            I 'burned to folder' as you suggested and then used the latest version of VLC (videolan.org) to play back the VIDEO_TS folder.  The scene selection showed two of the buttons blank/black (as described before).  Note: I'm still using the Comicbook template.


            To clarify:


            - I don't have the 'Motion menu button' option checked for the scene buttons in question; just trying to use a still from the video clip

            - Sometimes the 'Scene Menu' editing window shows the buttons in question with images, other times they are blank/black.  If I mess around with the 'In Point' (another whole post on how that is supposed to work) I can eventually get the image to show up.  That's when I tried burning but the output still has the issue.

            - I sometimes have the issue where the primary 'scrub' window doesn't show the video correctly; it's blank.  Sometimes it comes back but usually requires a restart of the app.


            My experience with PrE9 so far is disappointing.  I'm not doing anything complicated, just trying to throw some video clips together and burn a dvd.  If the app has trouble doing this what will it be like when I try and use all the features or do something more complicated?  I could write it off as issues with the videos, but they were generated from an earlier Adobe product so that's no excuse.


            Any other suggestions are appreciated.


            - Daniel


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Sorry, my mistake about the Motion Thumbs. Guess that I've been dealing with just such a problem in the Encore forum, and got confused.


              Though Memorex is about as bad as it gets, your test indicates that this is not a media playability issue. Thanks for doing the test and reporting.


              Now, that "sometimes black thumbnail" sounds like a GOP (Group of Pictures) issue, BUT you are working in PrE, from the Timeline, and NOT from Transcoded MPEG-2's in a program, like Encore. In that case, a Poster Frame (the name of the image that becomes the Button's thumbnail display) can only be chosen with an I-Frame, which is usually followed by ~ 15 "difference frames." With the material in the PrE Timeline, the program has already internally provided you with all I-Frames - no GOP issues there, so scratch that.


              Could it be that you are trying to place the Chapter Marker on a Dip-to-Black Transition? I do not use PrE for my authoring (Encore instead), so I do not know if there is a way to set the Poster Frame apart from a Chapter Marker (something else that I seldom use), but I'd look into that. In Encore, one can pretty much set the Poster Frame, where ever they wish. I just do not know if there is a manual method for setting them in PrE. Others will know, and can help, plus educate me a bit.


              Now, one last question, just so that I am clear. When you ARE able to get the thumbnail display, do these still show as black, when you Burn to Disc/Folder, or is it just the ones, that show black in Preview? I think that I know the answer, but since I already messed up with the Motion Thumbnails, I want to be sure.


              Good luck, and thanks for reporting,




              PS - if you still have the links to those other PrE 9 threads (Neale just listed several in another thread on Menus), look at the list compiled by A T Romano. After extensive testing, I believe that he identified some of the Menu Sets that DID work, while many did not. If my memory is correct, try a test with one of ATR's "known good" Menu Sets - just to see if any of those do better.


              BTW - I hope that Adobe is working on replacing those "faulty" Menu Sets, or addressing why many do not work in PrE.

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                DCreeron Level 1

                I just did two more tests and have more to report.


                For the first test I changed the "In Point" of the two problematic scene buttons and forced them back to zero (00:00:00:00).  I had to enter that and hit enter, but then the first frame showed up on the button (in the scene menu preview window).  I hit the real preview button and the images showed up so I then did another folder burn.  Using VLC again I was able to see the images on those two buttons now.


                My second test I hit the "play" button for the "In Point" of each problematic scene button until I got them to something closer to what I'd want to use for a real button image.  The images showed up in the 'scene menu' editing winow so I did another folder burn.  Using VLC again to play it back and the buttons are blank again!


                I'll try to find that thread you mentioned and try one of the other templates later tonight.  I'll also try resetting the in points again and see if the buttons work again.





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                  DCreeron Level 1

                  I tried a number of the other templates and they had the same issue with the blank scene buttons (sometimes; if I set them to something other than 00:00:00:00).


                  I then used Windows Live Movie Maker to convert the MPGs from the two clips that were having button problems.  I deleted the original clips from the time-line and added in the WMV clips.  Next I restored the template back to 'Comic Book'.  All the buttons had images; some weren't at the right location and others were from the wrong clip somehow.  I adjusted each (using the 'play' button next to the 'In Position'); clicking play played the correct clip, even though the image might have been pointing to a frame from another clip.


                  I took a chance and burned the project to a Dvd.  Woot!  It finally worked.


                  When I have a little more time I'm going to go back to my earlier project and see if deleting/re-adding the original clips resolves the issue or if converting them was the real fix.


                  - Daniel

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Thank you for reporting. Glad that you got your Project done, even though you had to alter the normal workflow, and use that workaround.


                    If you can do more tests, please report the results. While it could still be an issue with the particular Assets on the Timeline, it is looking more like a Bug with either PrE 9, or with the Menu Sets themselves.


                    Appreciated, and good luck,