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    Weird List troubles - arrayCollection reference?


      I have an application with several modules, in the main application I access the database and populate arrays to be used in the Modules as lookup items, master-detail items, etc.  Several of the modules have a similar interface where a master list is provided and the user can then select a subset of this list to work with through filters and then move the list items from one dataGrid (left) to another (right).  No problem working with the right list, update the group. After the group update, the right list items are moved back to the left list, and all looks good.  If however, I decide to change modules in the middle of the process, with the right list containing items, they will not be shown on the new Module's left list even though on creationComplete of each module I reload the left list data provider  leftListDataProvider=new arrayCollection(parentDocument.masterList);   Doesn't make any sense to me.  I renamed all the arrayCollections so they would not be the same (maybe some reference issue) the var statements are private in the Modules and public in the Main App.   Somehow - statusList dataProvider = saleList dataProvider  they do reference the same parentDocument.array when initiated.  Any clue would be greatly helpful.  If my explanation is insufficient please let me know.