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    PSE 9 Organizer Not responding


      when I click to do something (anything?) I frequently get the spinning circle and the task manager tells me the PSE 9 Organizer is not responding.  It can take 5 minutes or longer to be able to continue or I can close the program and start over, but it still hangs up.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          If PSE hasn't finished generating thumbnails for your photos, give it a chance to do that. Also, go to edit>preferences>media analysis and turn off everything there. You can leave face recognition turned on if you use that.

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            I have this problem and have been working with Adobe for a month or so.  We have narrowed the problem to VOB video files something greater than 2MB being entered into Organizer (VOB file of 2MB work fine but a file of 39MB does not).  If you look at Task Manager when Organizer hangs you find that it is using 95-98% of the CPU.  If you close Organizer, the Window for Organizer will go away but the program is still running and using 95-98% of the CPU.  You need go to Task Manager and "end the process" to get rid of Organizer.

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              After installing, bringing in pictures and organizing them over 3 weeks, Organizer will close within 5 to 20 seconds. Windows says" Program is not responding and will close". There is an option to wait for it to respond and the little blue circle is active. But that either goes for 10+ minutes and shuts down or shuts down directly.


              It was suggested in this Forum to open "help" if you are fast but little else will function.  Can't do the "edit/pref/media Analysis/turn off all" procedure because Organizer says "Organizer has stopped working" and shuts down. The Edit side has the same problem when used as a backdoor to Organizer.


              Tried going into Vista's "View/Advanced Settings/Hidden Files and deselect Hide Extension For Known File Type and OK" as suggested on Adobe/Elements Help Forum. Organizer still has a problem and closes.


              Have only found these two possible fixes- the one on this Forum won't work because the program shuts down too fast. And the Windows/Vista suggestion  has no positive effect on the problem.


              My updates are current including three from Adobe right after the program assumed the problem mode and shut down response. What is the next suggesed fix remembering anything within Organizer likely won't be functional since the progam will close very quickly upon opening.

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                retire@59 Level 1

                Other net solutions to Organizer's shut down problem implies the problem is on the Windows side although some having the problem are Apple users. The solution involves correcting the registery with tools such as WeiSitian Yu's "Perfect Optimizer" from a site decorated with Microsoft logos to make it look like it is from MS. Some of you with more knowledge please advise ... is this logical and is there a solution source more widely accepted?

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                  retire@59 Level 1

                  You don't get a choice when it shuts down. Mine always shuts down right after thumbnails populate if not before.

                  Also I have no VOB video files. Only still shots which would put the VOB large file cause in question.

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                    retire@59 Level 1

                    After three calls to Adobe and about 5 hours on the phone, the solution was a corrupted catalog of pictures. No suggestion as to how the catalog got corrupted. Under "file "on the header there is an "optimize" action. If that action does not allow Organizer to function properly. Use the "repair" action.


                    UNDERSTAND that your catalog will be gone.Yes, all of your tagging and any editing will be gone and have to be redone. IF you have another copy of the pictures outside of Elements. Possibly backing up your Elements might work but i am not sure the problem will not be reproduced as well. I don't see a way to copy Organizer picture files and keep them separately. The best way is to keep pictures in Microsoft folders and move them into Elements and keep the folders based picture files.

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                      gfking999 Level 1

                      In my case I tried optimizing the catalog and repairing the catalog.  Neither of those options solved the problem.  So, I created a new catalog and imported a few still images and then imported a large VOB file and the problem was still there.  As I said earlier, the problem in my case is due a problem in processing VOB files.