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    NanoFlash audio files on the timeline




      I am new to the MXF format and have been working mainly with HDV and AVCHD files.

      I am interested in buying a Nanoflash and have downloaded the sample file from the CD website.


      I have the 1080i60 files.


      I have the current version of CS5, and when I inport these clips using the correct XDCAM settings, a place them on the timeline,

      the audio portion goes down to the Audio Track number 9.  I am use to the audio track being right next to the video track or in the Audio 1 track.


      Question:  Am I doing something wrong or is this normal for MXF files?


      The clip plays fine, but having the audio down on Track 9 is wierd for me.


      Any advice or help is appreciated.


      ~ Rookie

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Audio is placed on the first audio track available with that format, and if it is not available a new one is created.


          Say you have 5 stereo tracks and 3 5.1 tracks in your sequence and add mono sound, a new mono track will be created as track 9. Check the icon at the beginning of the audio track to see whether it is stereo, mono, 5.1 by the speaker setting indicated.

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            CAOLSEN Level 1

            Thanks Harm for the reply but this isn't the case, at least I don't

            think it is. The audio track from CD is stereo, it shows a left and right.


            I cannot move that audio track either, it's stuck on track nine.  When I try to move it the video portion moves with it.

            That is probably a seperate issue...I'm not real skilled with CS5 yet.


            I thought I read in another post too where the audio from the NanaFlash was showing up on 9.

            I find this a bit strange having 8 empty audio tracks between the Video and audio.


            Weird.  Is anyboby else experiencing this with the Nanoflash sample files?

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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              Though I don't have a nano flash, and can't speak to why it's landing on track 9, you can "move it" to track 1 by making sure tracks 1-8 are empty and then deleting them. To delete them, simply right click on the track header, select "delete tracks" and then in the dialog box that pops up, make sure the box is ticked to "delete all empty audio tracks." That will then move track 9 up to position 1.

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                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                Also, if you want to move your audio without moving your video, you have to right click on the clip in the timeline and select "unlink." Just be careful doing that, because you can end up with OOS issues (out-of-sync).

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                  CAOLSEN Level 1

                  Thank you very much.  I deleated the empty audio tracks as you suggested, and track 9 became Audio track 1 !


                  I still cannot explain why the Nanoflash files end up on track 9...but your tip fixed my issue.


                  thanks so much!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As Harm points out, PrPro insists on a match between the channel-count of the Source Clip and the design of the Audio Track. Two-channel (stereo) will ONLY go onto a 2-channel Track, 1-channel (mono) will ONLY go onto a 1-channel Track, and 6-channel (5.1) will ONLY go onto a 6-channel Track.


                    In the Audio Track Headers, there are little "speaker" icons, with 2 speakers = 2-channel, 1 speaker = 1-channel, and "5.1" = 6-channel.



                    This shows how those Tracks display.


                    As you have seen, the number of each type will direct PrPro where to place any new types, that are created. One can also Add Tracks/Delete Tracks. Also, one can Rename Tracks, as in the example above. I will almost always Rename, per my Project.


                    It was also mentioned that PrPro will create any needed Audio Track, by dragging the Clip to the lower portion of the Master Track. This created Audio Track will take the next Track #, and apply it, plus will create that new Track below the last Track displayed. One can get around this, with Add Audio Tracks, and can Rename that Track, plus also locate it where one wishes, say between Tracks up the display.


                    There is no way to Click-drag to move a Track in the order, but one can use Add/Delete Tracks, to alter the arrangement. Feature Requests for the Click-drag have been filed, as many DAW programs DO allow one to arrange all Tracks, per the user's needs. So far, Adobe has not added that. Until then, one needs to do the Add/Delete thing.


                    Good luck, and hope that this helps.




                    BTW - if your Sequence only had 2 Audio Tracks, and that NanoFlash Audio was of the wrong channel-count to fit on one of those, by dragging it to the bottom of the Master Track, PrPro would create Audio Track 3 with the proper channel-count, and place that Clip onto it. It will only go to Track 9, when there are 8 other Audio Tracks w/ the wrong channel-count.