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    CS Extensions and Extension Manager

    Harbs. Level 6

      Someone please tell me I'm wrong...


      1) CS Extensions can only be installed using the Extension Manger.


      2) As is apparent from this screen shot, it is possible to disable the installation of Extension Manager:


      Putting these two facts together spells trouble. I might be creating installers that will not work because a user might not have Extension Manager, and there's no way around that...


      If Extension Manager was made mandatory for CS Extensions, the installation of Extension Manager should be mandatory as well...


      Also, is there more than one location where Extension Manager might be installed (if it is...)?



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          LeeHuang Adobe Employee



          There is a checkbox in the Export Wizard, when it is checked, the zxp 

          (file format used by  Extension Manager) will be unpacked into the 

          same export directory where you pick for zxp export.  The extension in 

          the unpacked folder is signed and is ready to be copied to the 

          extension folder for release deployment.  So you should be able to 

          incorporate that to your

          own installer (or installation process)




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            Harbs. Level 6

            Hi Lee,


            THANK YOU!!!


            That's exactly what I needed! I forgot about that checkbox (or never understood exactly what it was for...).