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    full dump

    sqro Community Member

      Hello there


      i would like to perform study on color perception using kuler data (for non commercial university research).

      Something like kuler pulse but much more complicated

      I will apply some AI technique but I need massive data - regrettably I met two troubles.


      1. I cannot download it at once as there is a limit to 100

      http://kuler-api.adobe.com/rss/get.cfm?listtype=recent&key=(..)&startIndex=0&itemsPerPage= 1000

      returns 100 last entries


      2. It would be possible to download in parts iteratively but... the startindex changes with every added new entry - it would cause to download some entries more then once - parsing then matching doubles would complicate it in very annoying way


      Is it possible to access entries by some absolute ID?

      or maybe in reverse order from the oldest to the newest in such case they wouldn't shift with every entry added





      i tried also

      http://kuler-api.adobe.com/rss/search.cfm?searchQuery=*&startIndex=0&itemsPerPage=1000&key =(..)