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    Adobe Reader 9.4 with CIC Sign-it 7.4 on Windows 7 hangs/freeezes the in-house Application


      Operating System: Windows 7.

      Adobe reader version: 9.4.0

      CIC sign-it: SignitAcro74


      We have a in-house app developed in .Net which opens up the Adobe pdf file in the windows form. This pdf file takes the signature using CIC sign-it. Whenever we open this PDf file from the in-house windows app 2nd time it hangs the windows application. We will have to kill the process from task manager.


      We notice this behavior only on win7 machine. Windows xp never had the issue. We notice that this issue is reproducible only if you open this PDf file after 2+ minutes and try to sign the PDF file. If you do not try to sign the PDF it all works fine.


      We did lot of debugging this issue seems to happens only when we open a different form from the windows in-house app. If this PDF file was open in the panel of the same window issue does not reproduce. But we need to open up in the different window! We even looked at the memory we notice the memory usage goes down after 2 minutes and then this freezing happens.


      Please help...