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    PE 9 white screen with audio


      I have reloaded a project which I intend to export as a video file in order to combine with other projects. However, the original project is now gone (two video clips are present). Loading an auto-saved copy of the project gives me the audio, but not the video. Can this project be saved?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Please see my reply to your other post, Paul.


          We really need much more information before we can offer possible solutions.


          Bill Hunt's article may be helpful.


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            Sjokomelk Level 2

            A normal white screen scenario with audio normally comes from 16 bit colours rather than 32bit. So if you change the desktop colours to 32bit normally that fixes that.


            Typical tell tale sign is that when you open the project, the preview window is white even before importing a clip.


            That said, this could even be a graphic card issue or a codec issue, but at least those cases I've seen with this problem it has always been 16bit colour settings that caused it. Setting it to 32bit solved it.

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              Paul2903 Level 1

              Hello Steve,
              Thank you for your prompt reply.
              Visual Studio is installed on my computer, Toshiba laptop A665
              HDD = 462 GB free
              OS = Windows 7
              RAM = 4.0 with Intel Core i7 CPU at 1.73 GHz
              NVidia driver is latest their website could download.
              Canon X-1 files were transferred to a Western Digital External HD (320 GB
              cap.)but not with this laptop.
              Running PE 9.0.1
              Not sure if Quicktime is up to date, but purchased computer 1/1/11 and
              should have received updates when I downloaded iTunes 1/2/11
              Editing Results Desired:
              Video of 3 act play taken over 2 nights (camera left and camera right of
              stage). Each of 6 acts saved on WD HD and imported to PE 9 as clips (on
              advice of friend, act 2 and 3 (l & r) saved again on desktop before working on Projs 2 & 3). 
              Three projects: Act 1 combined from l & r video files (acts 2 and 3 same).
              Projects 1 and 2 approx. 50 min. long each. Project 3 approx. 30 min.
              Projects were to be combined to create DVD.
              Projects 2 & 3 have been "shared" as standard def. files stored on WD HD ready to make "master project."
              Project 1 file on WD HD is empty. Attempted to work with autosaved Project
              1 (Act 1-4) saved on C drive.
              Nearly all but final minutes of edited Project 1 is on autosaved Act 1-4, including original
              left/right files. Can hear audio, but cannot see video once I press
              spacebar (still images available when current time indicator is paused).
              Am thinking of saving original Act 1 l & r files on desktop, if it will help project load.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Is the WD external a USB connection?


                USB connections are very, very slow, and there can be read/write errors galore, including the dreaded Delayed Write Failure.


                A USB external is fine for archiving footage, but is ill-suited for editing to/from. A FW-800 is about the minimum connection, that I recommend, and an eSATA connection is even better, and faster. In real-world terms, those are like having more SATA internals.


                Good luck, and please let us know about the external's connection type, plus exactly how it fits into your workflow.



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                  Paul2903 Level 1



                  Yes, it is a USB XHD. I was worried about this. Perhaps this is why transferring my files to my desktop for Acts 2 and 3 worked better than the Act 1 files, which I haven't yet transferred.


                  I have ordered a FireWire express card from B&H and plan to import future videos from the Canon with that. I will head over to Wal-Mart and look for an eSATA XHD as I have an eSATA/USB combo port on the laptop.


                  I'm still not sure this will solve the white screen problem, however.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I feel the same as you - will it cure the main problem? Not sure if it will, but will provide you with a much more secure, faster, more pleasant editing experience. That alone (especially the "secure" aspect), should be worth the price of the ExpressCard. Remember, a USB external is great for archiving. They are not evil, or flawed, but the slowness of the connection can cause problems, when one tries to edit to/from them.


                    You mention Desktop. That worries me just a bit. The Desktop is a special folder, and it has some special properties. It is primarily set up to allow one to organize their shortcuts. Instead of using the Desktop folder, I would choose a conventional folder on the internal HDD (until you move to the new, faster external), so that those special properties do not conflict in any way with PrE. Many programs have difficulty working from the Desktop folder. So far, it seems that PrE has been able to do so fine, but I'd keep that warning in the back of your mind.


                    Please keep reporting, and if the main issue is not solved, we will just move on, but you will not be disappointed in how things work with the new externals.


                    Good luck,




                    PS - I use a FW-800 ExpressCard for my externals, and my laptop (older w/o eSATA), and it works fine.


                    One tip, when you have set up your new external HDD, before you actually use if for any files, go into the OS and set the drive letter on a permanent basis. The exact location and steps will differ by OS version. Just type "drive letter" into the Search box in the OS's Help screen. Read how to set the drive letter in your OS version. This will then allow that HDD to ALWAYS be seen with the exact same drive letter, every time you either boot up, or attach it. This will then allow PrE to always see it, say as G:\ (or whatever works best for you, and your system, and is free), so you will not get the "Where is file _____.avi?" question, when you Open a Project. Each of my FW-800 externals has been assigned a permanent, and unique drive letter, in the OS of each of my computers, so that drive X:\ is always X:\ regardless of which computer it's plugged-into. Remember, this is done at the OS level, so I had to manually assign that drive letter on each computer.

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                      Paul2903 Level 1

                      Hello Bill,


                      Saving my projects to my hard disc has solved the "white monitor" problem. Thank you so much.

                      Now all I need to do is learn how to combine the three projects into one. I used instructions from a "Combine Projects (Premiere Elements 4 Windows) page I got from the the Help page, but I ended up turning the projects into FVI files which I cannot import back into PrE9. So I'll try something else.


                      But thanks for your help and advice.

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        This will help: How can I use footage from one project in another?


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Great news! Thank you so much for both testing and for reporting.


                          As for the combining of Projects, do you mean "AVI" files, and not "FVI" files? For SD Projects, the Export/Share to DV-AVI w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio is very, very good. Those files should both Import easily and then edit smoothly in PrE. What were the exact settings that you chose for the Export/Share?


                          Good luck,