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    All I want to do is submit a bug report.


      But I can't find such a place. And searching has been useless. Second, I won't be reporting my version of Flash CS5 because I can't copy anything from the scrolling text in the About Flash dialog. Such punishment is meted for poor UX design. We're up to three failures now if you include the bug itself and I'm losing interest. Third, I'll never check this message again, so any indignation is best saved for your blogs and tweets. Any replies should be in way of putting this in the hands of people who might fix the problem.


      The Bug:


      When in the actionscript editor, or the Actions editor, type the following:


      var variables:String = [




      ].join(""); And hit enter.


      Flash CS5 will crash every time. At least on OSX.


      I'm done. I've wasted enough time of failure.