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    Flex components not working after upgrade to Flash Builder 4

    icanoop Level 1

      I just purchased Flash Builder 4 and imported my project from Flex  Builder 3. Everything worked except my Flex components that were created  in Flash Professional using the Flex Compoent Kit are not showing up at  all in my Flex app. The components were created in Flash CS3 and  published to an SWC. I even tried upgrading to Flash Professional CS5  and re-publishing but that didn't help. These components work fine in  Flex Builder 3 with Flex SDK 3.2. Does anyone know why they aren't  showing up in Flash Builder 4 using Flex SDK 4.1 and AIR 2.5 SDK? I need  this to work with AIR SDK 2.5 so I can compile for Android. Thanks,  Ryan.


      P.S. when I say they aren't showing up I mean they aren't visible in the  running application. Flash Builder is finding them in the SWC though  because I instantiate the components in my mxml file and it compiles  without errors. - Ryan