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    PE 9 - RenderFrameRequest Error


      Hey all,

      Been using PE since 4 and upgraded to 7, 8, and now 9.

      After running 9 for the first time everything was going nicely untill I tried to "share" video.

      When using share function to export to FLV file I changed a few of the default settings on the FLV medium quality setting.

      For instance changed bitrate to appox. 700kbs and then also unchecked "resize video" because I wanted to keep original 720x480 instead of resizing to 360x240.

      When I was happy with my settings I went to save and before it could start rendering I got a "renderframerequest-.cpp-309" error and PE9 quit.

      Tried a couple more times with the same results.

      However when I select FLV high quality default the video renders as expected.  At least it appears to be going ok. I have about 25 minutes left.

      Anyone else seeing this or have any hunches as to what the issue is? I'm attaching a screenshot.

      Thank you,

      Jeremyelements error.jpg

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          One possibility with a "Failed to Return Frame," or similar error, is a gap in the Timeline, in the Video Track. If that is the cause here, this ARTICLE should be helpful.


          You do not mention still images, but overly large still images can lead to a Transcode failing, and some of the error messages are very similar to those with gaps. If you do have large still images, this ARTICLE will give you tips on how to handle those.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps,