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    newbie needs help to create simple web game

    iScorpious Level 1

      hello all, Happy New Year.


      Ive been reading the forums, knowledge base, etc.. & have found info on individual areas of "game" creation BUT... not a GENERAL tutorial reference for simple "web games" (desktop to start, maybe Lite later)


      Im looking for a a tutorial/reference that can provide a more/less step-by-step(im ok w/ animations etc... )on how i turn these into a game that can be "interacted" with


      basically, looking to create: balls bouncing randomly in the stage area (off the 4 bounding edges), while another symbol attempts to "eat" certain balls while avoiding others with the user controlling the "eater" symbol (sort-of Pacmanish)


      anyones time help reply appreciated- i just need a good starting point


      Thx all