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    Linking to external HTML page

      i cant find a way to link to external html with AS 3.0. Everythign i find from searchign on forums and tutorial sites sais use getURL();, but i always get an error when doing this in AS3.0 so i'm guessing that this isnt a valid way to do it anymore :/? Can anybody lend a hand? Id like to load it from a button to a new window. I just need the load page cammand though, i can do the button listener and function and all that by now hehe^^. Thx in advance^^

      (also, i ask alot of noob as 3.0 questions. anybody know a good beginner book for AS 3.0. I have the O'Reilly AS 3.0 cookbook but this doesnt offer the noob support i need..lol)