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    Adding text to source document in DDX xml.

    barunbarik Level 1


           I want to add some extra thing in my application..my problem scenario is:



           I am using invokeDDX() to convert and merge 2 file say 1 doc and 1 jpg,now the thing is I want add some text in those document,I am able to add text using


      <PageContent  appears="OnTop" verticalAnchor="Top" verticalOffset="-7pt" horizontalAnchor="Left" horizontalOffset="15pt">

                     <p><b>This is text</b></p>





      It is adding  text in each page ,but I want to add text only in starting page of each document (suppose 1st source document(.doc) has 10 pages and 2nd source doc(.doc) has 10 pages ,the expected result should be -->in result pdf no 1 page will have some text(added by mtyself) and in 11th page there will be some text added by me) .


      Is it possible using DDX language?

      if possible how can we do that?

      If not possible then any idea how can I do that?


      Thanking you.

      Barun Barik.