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    Cannot authorize computer


      I have finally successfully downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions but can't do anything at all with it!


      I have set up an Adobe ID and as I can log in here, I know I have the details correct but when I try to

      Authorize Computer, I get an error message every time!


      I hav bought and paid for an ebook that I want to transfer to my Kindle DX but have no idea what to do next and am getting

      veryy annoyed at the whole thing.


      There seems to be a complete lack of information of just how to do this and contacting Adobe with a question  is pretty much



      I do know that when (if) I succeed in getting this book onto my Kindle DX, I am NEVER going to use this program

      again or buy books from any site that supports Adobe Digital Editions.



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          Your Kindle DX does not support Epub format books let alone ADE epub books. It doesn't matter if you ever get your computer authorized because your DX will never recognize the book.


          Might want to re-read your manual about supprted formats.


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            I swore I would never use digital editions again.  It is the most difficult ereader application there is and absolutely not user friendly. However,  I mistakenly saved two books I purchased in that format and have been trying to delete and reinstall digital editions for several hours now, since I had not updated the software in so long, since I never intended to open it again.


            I finally got an updated version installed.  Now it won't let me authorize my computer.  I am not even worrying about getting it to another device.  I'd be happy if I could at least read these two books on my macbook.  But every time I try and activiate it I get tbhis message:  E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED and then a web address adeactivate/adoble.com/adept/ACTIVATE - followed by todays date and a bunch of numbers.  I keep trying again, as it suggests and I know my user name and password are correct.


            Before I spend the money to repurchase these books, so I can read them, I thought I would try one more time to salvage this.  Any suggestions?  Besides just avoiding digital editions like the plague going forward?

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              Unfortunately, I have the same problem - though it's not a Kindle.

              My issue is that the books had been purchased on an old adobe ID - and an email account that I can't possibly access to retrieve my password!

              Adobe live chat support - suggests that I "recontact"them, and they'll refer me to their technical department.

              I haven't heard from them since - I have deathorised my PC, created a new ADOBE ID, yet neither my bookseller , which is Kalahari.com nor Adobe, can help me retrieve the books that I've purchased - LEGALLY! Still trying to resolve this 3 months and five helpdesk/support staff later.