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    Can we suggest using unnamed activations to customer?

    Jatin Bhargava


      We have a customer who works for a library.

      He is using and helping their customers use and install Adobe digital editions  on their home computers in order to read the boks from Library.


      Currently they are working on a site computer where their customers can checkout, download and transfer titles to their own personal eReader devices.

      The current set up they are using is in this manner:


      1. Customers sign in to the computer.

      2. Authorize ADE with their ID.

      3. PLug-in their device and activate it with their Adobe ID.

      4. Transfer the title to theier reader

      5. Restart eh computer.


      Computer is set up in such a manner that it removes the authorization information after every re-start.


      However, the customer of library are running into continous error message which reads "TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS"


      Is there any way around this? I guess that if we suggest the library to use an un-authorized version of ADE, they should be able to do it on one computer and then if the customer's like it, they can download the books on their reader(since the vendor is the library itself, they can proide an additional download link for the customers).


      Please suggest a workaround in this issue.

      Also the custoemr has mentioend that if there is a 'premium version' of ADE available with this functionality, he is ready to pay.


      Kindly advise..