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    Best effect to use to fix shifting brightness?

    phill_r Level 1

      Hello, I used a HV40 to record a stationary shot. I used shutter priority, but forgot to turn off some other automatic settings, so through the shot the overall brightness is increasing/decreasing, compensating for the actions going on in the shot. I'm not sure if this is because of automatic gain, exposure, iris, or a combination of the three.


      I tried using the Auto Level/Contrast/Color. For the most part it works beautifully! Except the first second or so of a shot has extremely weird coloring, I'm guessing because the effect is trying to 'figure out' what the balanced look should be.


      I'm a-ok with manually keyframing an effect to fix my shot (almost find this enjoyable!). I'm just not sure which effect would be the best/simpliest way to fix this. So which should I use? Levels, Brightness/Contrast, Three-way Color Correct, etc....?