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    FYI_What Black Magic Multibridge does to Prem on a MAC

    Butch2oc Level 1

      I mentioned last year while chasing up a few issues that I would rebuild my system from scratch to test out what Black Magic Multibridge Pro 2 does or doesn't do with Premiere in an effort to work out what was causing my problems.

      I have a Mac Pro 4.1 with a GTX285 and all the latest updates.


      Without Blackmagic Onboard or on non BM sequences:

      I have found that the maintain pitch setting with audio speed changes tries to work but is of poor quality and has an echo feel to it. It is nothing like what Audition or Soundtrack Pro achieves, I am still not sure wether it is just the way it is or wether it's a bug. Anyway that's about it as far as probs without BM.


      With Blackmagic Onboard or on a BM sequence:

      Audio scrub does not work even when selected in Prefs.

      Playback or paused resolutions cannot be changed.

      Displaying different Field selection does not function.

      When digitising audio only, it still digitises video aswell.


      So there you have it, that's just about it. I have contacted BM and they have been very helpful, quick to respond and certainly know their stuff.

      It appears that their main focus was aimed at BM & Premiere on a PC as most people with BM & Macs use FCP.

      I think that now more people are migrating to premiere and enjoying it's speed the abovementioned issues may get resolved in the not too distant future.

      Fingers Crossed

      If there is anyone out there who uses a similar BM product on a Mac, it would be great to know if you have these issues aswell.