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    9-scaling issue re-exporting from flash file



      I seem to have come across a consistent bug which is preventing me from progressing.  I am creating assets in Flash which I am exporting as a swc file to be used in a Flex application.  I have created a simple scrollbar thumb asset which is basically a rounded cornered rectangle and have added 9 slice lines to ensure the curved areas are outside of the scaling area.  I convert the asset to a flex component and export as a swc file.  When I test this asset in a simple swc inspector tool (built by one of the devs on my Flex project) I can manipulate the height and width and the 9-scaling works correctly.  My problem occurs when I close the originating .fla file and close flash, re-open and without making any changes to the flash file re-export as a swc.  When I do this the 9-scaling no longer works!


      Has anyone experienced a similar problem? I am running a Mac with CS5 installed, any help would be greatly appreciated.