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    Premiere Elements 9.0 no sound with AVCHD


      Hi all I'm trying to work with a new camera that I bought (primarily for stills, but the HD video is so good I'd like to use with prelements) which is the Panasonic Lumix FZ35 U.S model but when adding a AVCHD file form the camera on to PC and then into elements the video looks fine but there is no sound channel.


      I've tried changing the extension to the file (.MOV) but the same problem remains.


      I can switch the recording format to Motion Jpeg but the files are huge and vastly reduce my recording time


      I'm wanting to know if A) these files can be easily imported into PE or B) if there is a way of converting (hopefully not a lengthy process) and how best to do it without loss of quality.


      Any help or advice on this would be great.


      Thanks in advance



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It looks like that camera records in AVCHD Lite, and that the Audio is recorded with DD Stereo processing, and I would guess that it uses a single mic, but processes the Audio to simulated stereo. What I could NOT find from the specs. page, was exactly what format/CODEC is used for the Audio stream. I can only guess that it is DD AC3, which should Import fine into PrE. May be that I just missed the Audio spec.


          What Project Preset did you choose?


          With AVCHD (and possibly AVCHD Lite), one should have the choice of either stereo, or DD 5.1 SS. In this case, I would choose the stereo option.


          When you Imported the footage, did you wait for PrE to Conform the Audio fully? This ARTICLE will give you some background and some tips.


          Also, there are a couple of things to consider with Audio.


          • Can you hear Audio in other programs?
          • Can you hear Audio in PrE with other source files?
          • Can you see the Audio portion of the Clip, in an Audio Track in PrE? Note, depending on how one has set up the Project, one may have to use the Scroll Bars to find this, when in Timeline View Mode. The Scroll bars are to the far-right of the Timeline Panel, and are not easy to see.


          Let us know about your Project Preset and the Conforming process. Then let us know about the general Audio on the system and in PrE. This ARTICLE will give you some things to check out, but those will depend on the answers to those general Audio questions.


          Good luck,



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            JonnyCD Level 1

            Hey Bill and thanks once again for your continued support


            You are right the camera records in AVCHD Lite and has one fixed stereo mic.  There are 3 levels of recording quality within the menu options...

            ..1, Low 2, High 3, Super High!  I've tried recording and importing using all 3 settings and the same result occurs.

            There is no audio track what so ever.  Its as if I've imported a video and audio track but then deleted the audio completely!!


            If you think it will help I will check the CD manual and see if I can find the exact audio recording format.

            The preset I used is specific to the format really.  The cam is the US version of the FZ38 camera which is the FZ35 so the preset I use is the NTSC AVCHD 30fps setting which is what the camera records in.  I tried using the PAL 25fps setting but get no audio track as before.  As mentioned earlier its not like there is an audio track with no sound, there is just no track!!!!


            With regards to hearing the audio with other programs, if I just open the MOV file with WMP or VLC player the audio plays just fine.  (I'm not sure if at this point I should be investigating whether or not the audio is recorded separately from the video although at this point that doesn't seem likely.

            There doesn't seem to be any lag or evidence of conforming when the clip is imported (this is also true of the motion jpeg format, but this plays with sound).


            If there is anything I've missed or you require any more information to help get this sorted then I will try and provide it asap.


            Again, thanks for your time



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              At this point, I would take a long look at the MOV files in either Apple QT Pro (US$29 upgrade/unlock) and using Ctrl+J to get the full properties, including the Audio, or use the great, free utility, G-SPOT , to look at that Audio. This is the Audio area in G-Spot:


              Let us know the full details of the Audio in those MOV files. Normally, PrE works great with PCM/WAV, but will work with many other Audio CODEC's too. It will just depend on the exact Audio CODEC.


              Good luck,



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                This model should have AC-3 audio. I'd guess that Elements has somehow lost its ability to decode AC-3 audio. Perhaps it's lost some config setting that tells it where the AC-3 codec is or how to use it.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Use the free Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder to convert your AC3 file to PCM/WAV. That should resolve any sound problems you are encountering.


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