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    Computer case and RAID controllers


      Reading all the posts on this forum has really got me thinking about a lot of different changes to my machine now! So much information! One change I am definitely going to be doing is changing cases. My current case is a padded with sound deadening foam, and it is super quiet which is awesome, but I am having trouble with heat, especially over long renders etc. I saw Harm suggest a HAF 932 to someone, and I looked it up and I really like the case, but I am also now looking at an Areca RIAD controller to speed up my storage raid, which I have known to be pretty slow on the onboard controller since I installed it.


      My question comes in the form of HDD storage slots. I've seen it suggested to get as many connector RAID controller as you can swing, but I'm wondering how you guys with the huge raids, 12, 16 or 24 drive setups are managing all those drives! The HAF 932 looks like it has 5 or 6 3.5" bays and 5 or 6 5.25" bays.. so at max there is space for 12 drives if converting every 5.25" bay. Are there external racks or something that you can wire in or how are you guys handling this?


      That was way longer than it needed to be, but thanks for looking!