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    Google Analytics Question

    jb_aggie Level 1

      Probably the wrong forum to ask but I trust my Coldfusion community more than vast Google Groups.


      I have a question.  I've already setup GA for all my sites (approx.  67).  I want to create an additional account to roll all these sites  into one GA profile.  I would think that I could just create a new GA  profile BUT it always ask for the domain when creating the account.  If I  was to create it and give it one of my existing site's domains and then  put that profile on all my sites, would it essentially capture all the  stats for each of the sites that has the new rollup GA account?


      Does the above sound like it will work?


      Thanks  very much - Jeff

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          tclaremont Level 2

          With the way Google Analytics works, who knows.


          I tried doing something similar a while back, but as Google kept violating privacy laws with the collection of data through GA, I decided it was unethical of me to keep using GA on my sites so I removed it and moved on.


          What a headache all in the name of making more money for the Google Marketing Marchine.