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    Opening epubs purchased from different stores (problem with B&N books)


      I have an ereader from Borderes. And when I bought it, I purchased an ebook right away. So when I authorized Adobe Digital Editions on my computer, it automatically added that ebook to the library - not problems what so ever.

      In the past though several times I bought books from B&N and was reading them on my laptop via Nook for PC.And even though all of my ebooks were purchased using the same email address, and it is the one I registered my Adobe ID with, I cannot open my B&N ebooks via ADE. I keep getting error that this document is licensed for a different user account.


      So I am not sure if ADE can work only with books purchased from one seller or it is something to do with B&N books.


      Unfortunately Borders has very poor selection of ebooks for my taste. It seems like the books I prefer are always available from either B&N or Amazon. Unfortunately Kindle books are in their own format that I won't be able to open on my eReader. But I was hoping that I could at least load B&N books.


      I'd really appreciate any help with this as I've been fighting with ADE for several days now trying to open those B&N books.