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    PREL 4 and Win 7 64bit


      I'm using Premiere Elements 4 (and Photoshop Elements6) with Vista.  I'm doing a clean install of Windows 7 (hopefully 64 bit).  Will these programs work with Win 7-64?  32?  If not, what version(s) will?  Thanks much.  (I couldn't find an answer by searching).

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In general, I would think that they would. I believe that many users got those to run under Vista (not sure about 64-bit though), and Win7 seems even better with legacy software compatibility, than Vista ever was.


          One concern that I would have would be the Win7-64 drivers, which seem to be somewhat problematic, even with contemporary software. There is hope that SP1 will fix some of those issues.


          Unfortunately, the above is pure speculation, as I have not attempted to run PrE 4 on anything but my XP Pro SP3. Maybe others will be able to confirm, or deny my speculation.


          Good luck,



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            look4info Level 1

            Thanks, I'll give it a try.